Moringa Body Butter

Moringa Body Butter

Moringa Body Butter
2 oz

Reduces signs of premature aging

Thanks to Vitamins C and K, Moringa preserves and boosts collagen, reducing premature signs of aging and repairing skin cells. In addition, Moringa also helps neutralize free radicals, which is also a cause of reduced collagen.
Hydrates dry skin

Moringa has a high omega content, making it a great moisturizer. Omegas regulate the skin’s natural oil production, so not only does it provide short-term benefits, but it also means that your skin will be able to restore its barrier and maintain natural hydration.
Relieves inflammation
Inflammation can be caused by the environment, a specific irritant or injury, or chronic issues. When skin inflammation occurs, the skin is responding to stress by becoming swollen and red, and maybe even itchy or painful. Vitamin E slows down this response and calms the irritation, soothing the skin and restoring its natural appearance.

Boosts healing

Moringa has been used since ancient times for medicinal purposes, mainly for healing wounds. Small cuts were treated with the antiseptic and healed more quickly. The same science is evident in Moringa’s ability to clear up acne quickly. By gently cleansing the spots and preventing further infection, breakouts clear up much faster when Moringa is applied.
Fights bacteria
In addition to its antiseptic properties, Moringa is also antibacterial. It’s great for treating breakouts, but can also prevent them before they even occur by keeping the skin clear of the bacteria and irritants that cause acne in the first place. By detoxifying and purifying the skin, it curbs acne, and also helps reinforce the skin’s natural barrier.
Minimizes dark spots
Moringa also encourages skin cell turnover, thanks to its very high concentration of Vitamin C. This vitamin is one of the most effective nutrients for healing the skin, so not only does it help with the above issues like acne and inflammation, but it also evens skin tone by reducing the presence of discolored skin cells that create hyperpigmentation.
Restores your skin’s natural oils

Moringa has emollient properties, meaning that it softens the skin. The composition of Moringa is also similar to the oils naturally produced by our skin. This makes it not only a great, non-greasy surface-level treatment, but also one which balances the production of natural oils. With long-term use, Moringa restores and maintains our skin’s natural hydration.
Protects against pollution

As an antioxidant, Moringa prevents the damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals are attack the skin by penetrating into the deep layers of the epidermis and oxidizing and breaking down collagen. Antioxidants, neutralize the free radicals, protecting the layers of the epidermis and helping the skin defend itself against pollution. Not only that, but Moringa can even heal the skin to reverse any damage that has already occurred.

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