Maitake Tincture

Maitake Tincture

Maitake Tincture
2 oz

The maitake mushroom has a long history in its use as both a culinary and medicinal mushroom. The name “maitake” comes from its Japanese name, which translates to “dancing mushroom.” It is said that people would dance for joy upon discovering the mushroom thanks to its potent healing powers.

These medicinal mushrooms have also been associated with a wide variety of health benefits, from regulating blood sugar to dropping cholesterol levels. They are also considered adaptogens, meaning that they contain powerful properties that can help naturally restore and balance the body to promote better health.

• Balances Blood Sugar

• May Kill Cancer Cells

• Lowers Cholesterol Levels

• Boosts Immune Function

• Promotes Fertility

• Reduces Blood Pressure

This tincture is made using 100% organic mushrooms, water, and alcohol.
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