Microgreen Mix

Microgreen Mix

Microgreen Mix
2 oz

A mild mix containing Broccoli Raab, Crimson Clover and, Purple Kohlrabi

Known Broccoli Benefits

• Helps Prevent and Treat Cancer

• Helps Blood Sugar Regulation in Type 2 Diabetics

• Helps Kidney Function

• Regulates Blood Pressure

• Helps Detoxify Blood

• Slows Down Osteoporosis

• Helps Arthritis

• Anti-Inflammatory

• Reduces PMS Symptoms

• Prevents Ulcers

• Prevents Premature Aging

• Aids Digestion

• Promotes Heart Health

Known Clover Benefits

• Reduce hot flashes in menopausal women
• Slow bone loss and even boost bone mineral density in pre and peri-menopausal women
• Relieve symptoms of premenstrual syndrome
• Assist in hormonal balance
• Soothes the nerves
• Good diuretic
• Recommended as a tonic
• Effective liver and blood purifier

Known Kohlrabi benefits

• Fights Cancer
• Improves Heart Health
• Decreases Risk of Diabetes
• Helps Weight Loss
• Lowers Blood Sugar
• Reduces Inflammation
• Improves Liver Function
• Improves Kidney Function

Areas Covered

Brevard County and Central Florida

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